How long does it take for the band to set up?

Two and a half hours is a comfortable amount of time for us to be ready, although it’s possible for us to be ready in one and a half hours.


How long do you play for?

We usually play for 2 x 45min sets, we find this works well for most events. We are however flexible in terms of sets timings, and if planned in advance, we can play for an extended period.


Does the line up of the band change?

Whilst we try our best to keep the same musicians on every event,  some of them may have other commitments before your event is booked or even become ill. If this is the case, we have a number of musicians we can call upon. They are all highly talented, and have played with Starstruck before. Apart from looking different (and probably more attractive), you won’t be able to tell.


Can you play our first dance?

It would just depend on what song you would like, but usually yes. It would need to suit with what we play – for example; a big Michael Buble song originally recorded with a 20 piece orchestra might be a stretch, but most pop songs wouldn’t be a problem. We would need plenty of notice beforehand to learn it for you.


Can you provide a DJ?

Yes, we know a number of professional DJ’s who we work very closely with. We can organise them for you as a whole package with us, providing a one stop shop for all your evening entertainment


Do you bring sound and lighting equipment? And can we use it to play music?

Included as standard, is a high quality professional sound system for a high impact at a comfortable volume. We also provide LED lighting to make the stage area dazzle, guaranteed to add that extra sparkle – all included with any quote. For a small additional fee, we can also provide a starcloth and disco lighting

And yes, of course you can – we can provide a lead for you to plug in your own laptop/ipod. If you have a DJ that you’ve booked yourself, then they should provide their own sound equipment.